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PPMC is a publication. It has published 120 assisting books for children, adolescents and adults. Among them adolescent novel, story, poetry, rhyme and science fiction are noteworthy. It is always in the effort of contributing to the main stream of development increasing social awareness of the country with the help of various media materials. It is working in the aim of achieving the well mental growth of the children in the light of local culture.


PPMC has been working for children and adolescent since 1996 with its experienced manpower.

Books For UNICEF & Meena

Realising the importance of the book of PPMC. UNICEF Bangladesh got Meena Series written also by these two writers of PPMC. BRAC also got Two adolescent Novels Mala & Banolata written by the same author.

Using Institutions

  • UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Directorate of Primary education
  • BRAC
  • CDL
  • Save the Children (USA)
  • RDRS Bangladesh
  • FIVDB, Sylhet
  • Jagorani Chakra Foundation, Jessore
  • ASUP, Tangail
  • CODEC, Barisal
  • VERC, Savar
  • Public Library
  • Aarong & Several other institutions. Besides,  Consumers/ buyers are Collecting books from open market, Dhaka international book fair, Ekusay book fair.

Award to PPMC

Institution:    NATIONAL BOOK CENTRE,  Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh

Award Year:  2005

Name of the Book:   Galpa Galpa Gay Bala

Auther :   Jubaida Gulshan Ara

For: Best quality of Printing & illustration- 2005

Face value of book:   2oo( Two hundred taka)

Price of Award:   10.000 ( Ten thousand only)


  • PPMC is intended to help other institution engaged in the activities to develop the children and adolescent.
  • PPMC is always truly expecting to evaluate the opinion, counsels and all sorts of assistances of local and foreign institutions concerned with the welfare of children.